Various Control Orders for licensing dealers in various essential commodities like food grains, petroleum products, pulses, edible oils etc. both under the PDS and in open market for maintaining stock limits for preventing hoarding, blackmarketing and maintenance of supplies of essential commodities without any scarcity have been issued under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

The enforcement official’s viz. right from the UDRI to the Collector inspect the business premises to ensure that there is no hoarding, black-marketing, diversion etc., seizure of the stocks is effected and to file cases under the relevant Control Order for confiscation the stock and also cancellation of the licenses, etc.

An enforcement wing in the Civil Supplies Department has been constituted with the Superintendents of Police (Retd.), Commercial Tax Officers (Retd.) and Tahsildars (Retd.) to get the inspections done in respect of dealers in essential commodities, FP shops, mills which have been given paddy for CMR, MLS points and godowns of the Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. And to get the cases booked by the competent enforcement officials under their supervision. The wing is functioning in the Civil Supplies Department under the overall control of the Commissioner of Civil Supplies.